Personal Loans


Altus Financial Services will provide short term credit facilities to employees of Companies that sign Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU).

Altus Financial Services will offer superior service with a short turnaround period.

Once an employer signs the Memorandum Of Understanding, Altus will set up the employer on its system and their employees are able to borrow.

The process is simple and funds are disbursed within 24hours of a complete application being received.

How it works

Key features

  • Short term in nature, meant to finance short term needs that the Bank does not provide finance for
  • Top ups available after 3 mths of loan performance on initial loan
  • Tailored finance
  • No collateral required
Advantages to Employee Advantages to Employer
  • Access to quick and easy financing
  • Short loan turn around periods between 1 hr to 24hours.
  • Loans may be used to finance education, personal development and other short termĀ  funding needs.
  • Top up loans available
  • Reduces administrative burden of administering salary advances and loans
  • Frees up working capital for the employer
  • Employee satisfaction from our quick service